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Wakeboard Hyperlite ERA 132 L7 NEU noch nie gebraucht

€ 130,-
Wakeboard Hyperlite ERA 132 L7
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A-6911 Lochau
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2006 Hyperlite Era 132

Rides higher in the water than any of our other 3-stage boards. Sets a quick turn out of the hole with the Fret Rail Design and has less friction with the water. Our most universal 3-stage shape.

Fret Rails - don``t sit as deep in the water as step down rails or flow thru rails but still come out of the hole hard. Molded-in fins with the deepest point super close to the trailing edge of the board. This allows the board to ride stronger up and off the wake. Cupped rails have a quicker grip into a rail-ride turn. Smooth, forgiving 3-stage kick. Designed by Erik Ruck with his new high frequency logo pressed into his vegan top sheet.
L7 Core: Lithium 7, The standard in high end wakeboard cores. The lightest poured foam we have ever developed. Designed to push the limits of the most aggressive riding from the lightest element on earth.
Monocoque Construction: Integrating the top glass and the bottom glass into one generating a more durable board on side impacts and prevents the ol side delamination
Layered Glass: A non-woven glass available in 4 sizes, depending on the size of the board. Over time, woven glass fibers will separate. Every Hyperlite deck will have the same snap on a double up after five seasons as it will on the first one.
Synthetic leather top: No, it isn``t made out of a cow, but it makes for a catchy icon, much like the board sitting in the rack.

Lifetime Warranty: There is no need for buyers remorse; Hyperlite backs their boards up.
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